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"We strongly recommend Keri's sleep advice! She provided us with several practical strategies and knowledge that brought us tranquility to deal with our baby sleep challenges. For instance, we learned how to prepare our baby's room temperature and light, how to use white noise, how to wear our little one for sleep, how to manage the age-appropriate time for naps and night sleep, and how to understand when crying was inevitable or needed our intervention. When our baby was mature enough, Keri taught us a gentle sleep training method that was very helpful for us. This strategy gave autonomy to our son to self-soothe and sleep alone most of the time. This has also increased our little one's nap times, and we believe this is a crucial aspect of his development. Keri is very committed to helping with everything that is in her hands. She contacted our lactation consultant more than once to align feeding and sleep strategies, making those two related issues work well together. Thank you so much for your support, Keri!"

Aline & Sergio

0-5 Month Sleep Education Client

"Keri is phenomenal to work with! She helped me get my 16-month-old sleeping through the night using methods I felt comfortable with. My husband and I really struggled to get on the same page about sleep for my son which made it hard to be consistent. We tried several sleep training methods on our own, starting when our son was an infant, and nothing seemed to work. I was at my breaking point. I was about to embark on a new career and knew I needed help. Keri was able to offer that! She was so patient with me as I worked through my nerves and anxiety surrounding my son's sleep and she gave me the confidence to finally be consistent and get the sleep my family needed. Keri is a lifesaver and I wish I had sought help sooner!"

Kristina Givens

Robbins Nest Nursery Client

6 months- 6 years Sleep Coaching Package Client 

"When I was pregnant with my daughter, I did a lot of research about baby sleep.  I thought I had it all figured out: no co-sleeping, safe sleep practices, and baby would sleep through the night no problem.  All that went out the window when Hope arrived.  We ended up co-sleeping for every nap and most of the nights - it was all about survival.  I didn’t realize I had a bit of post-partum anxiety – frequent wakings were always like a ticking time bomb for me.  At 6 months it became apparent that both Hope and I were not getting any quality sleep.  She would wake every time I moved, and my sleep was so interrupted from her nursing on all night.  Something needed to change.  
Hope was 8 months old when we started working with Keri.  The first thing I noticed about Keri was the reassuring and confident presence about her.  She comes from an extensive background working with babies and children.  I could tell she was so knowledgeable and eager to listen to help improve sleep for us.  She spent time in getting to know our routine, what our preferences were, and what we were comfortable with to design a customized plan for us.  We ended up staying in our one-bedroom condo – yes, sleep training is possible in the same room!  As expected, the first night was a bit of a challenge as we broke some of the habits we had created, but each night there was improvement.  Check ins were so informative, and Keri made sure to adjust our plan as needed.  Keri is a wonderful cheerleader but was also super understanding and non-judgmental when we had a few hiccups along the way – she is so good with first time parents.  Hope started sleeping through the night by the 3rd night and went down on her own for naps by the end of the week.  I don’t have the words to explain how much this changed our life. 
Our daughter wakes up so well-rested and is noticeably happier throughout the day.  Sleep-training changed me as a mom as well.  I feel like a better version of myself, because I’m not tired or anxious all the time.  I used to be a little weary of sleep training because I thought it meant letting baby cry it out and feel abandoned, but Keri’s method for sleep training is gentle and interactive.  We were able to soothe our daughter throughout the entire process.  I am such an advocate now and would recommend it to any parent.  It is so life changing to be able to put baby down awake for naps/bedtime and watch them put themselves to sleep in minutes.  I still pinch myself sometimes.  Working with Keri was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our family."

Michelle Carlsen

6 months- 6 years Sleep Coaching Package Client

"Keri's classes have been very helpful for my husband and I as we navigate through the complicated and stressful journey of new parenting. Attending her sessions so far have given us very practical tips to compliment our daughter's sleep routine and resolve sleep issues as they appear. Working with her has given us confidence in our parenting and helped us begin to create routine for our daughter. Very grateful and highly recommend and we will continue to attend Keri's workshops."

Melanie Holohan

Local Sleep Education Classes Attendee

I couldn't imagine trusting anyone else with my child other than Keri. We began with Keri when my son was 3 months and her professionalism as well as her compassion made her an ideal caregiver for us. She was immensely supportive of me as a mother, providing coffee and the occasional baked good at drop off, returning my son home with the occasional craft and lots of daily pictures. I felt confident and comfortable every single day that my son was with Keri that he was in the best of hands and being taken care of physically, socially, and emotionally. Keri also practically sleep trained my son. Prior to going to Keri's, he would only nap while being held or worn. Within 2 weeks with Keri, he was comfortably sleeping on his own, and she showed amazing patience with him throughout the process. After a year and a half of caring for my son, I'm sad that I've moved out of state and can no longer use Keri for any future children I may have. You'll be glad that you chose Keri to take care of your child.

Chelsea Wagner

Robbins Nest Nursery Client