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Welcome to Robbins Nest Child Care Services

Robbins Nest was founded to offer quality child care services to families, especially first-time parents, who need a little help. We provide sleep coaching services so parents can obtain the sleep they desire for their children. We also provide infant daycare services local to San Diego, so you can return to work knowing your child is being cared for by a qualified professional.

Mother and Baby Sleeping

Get more sleep!

Work with Keri, a world certified Gentle Sleep Coach, so you and your little ones can get the best sleep possible. Keri helps educate families on what optimal sleep looks like for their child, create a plan with parents keeping their goals and parenting styles in mind, and provides coaching and support along the way to ensure long term success.

Red Head Baby

Get peace of mind!

Robbins Nest Nursery is a licensed
(LIC # 376100759) in-home daycare for infants from ages newborn to 18 months. We maintain a small ratio (2:1) in order to provide quality care to each child. Our program is focused on the development of the whole child and places strong emphasis on social-emotional growth. Our program includes all meals, crafts, and The Honest Company diapers & wipes.

Our Mission

To Be a Member of Your Village:

We believe it truly does take a village to raise a child. Our modern world tends to create obstacles between the community and familial support parents could traditionally rely on. Because of this, we decided to create a comprehensive child care business with multiple services that can be available to families needing a helping hand. We strive to be the support system parents desire during early years of childhood. Our focus is to help guide them on fulfilling the needs of their growing children in a respectful way, and to support any parent through the long journey. We have a large number of virtual and in-person resources in order to further assist families with useful information, and can direct them to the correct professional help should we not be able to provide qualified assistance.


Keri was featured in an interview by SD Voyager Magazine in November 2022. She was asked to share her story about becoming a small business owner in San Diego. Learn more about Keri and how she got started with Robbins Nest Child Care Services here:


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