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Each family that has been enrolled in Robbins Nest Nursery has taken the time to write down their experiences upon leaving us. We are happy to share their words with you!

Joseph M.

Robbins Nest Nursery

Oct. 2022- Jan. 2024

Our daughter Sloane started going to Robbins Nest Nursery when she was three months old. Sloane is our first child and I can’t thank Keri and Sean more. Our daughter will be graduating from Robbins Nest in a month and my wife and I are heartbroken. We don’t want her to go anywhere else. Our daughter loves Keri and Sean, she loves the facility, and the other kids. We love how engaged they are, how attentive and communicative they are. Robbins Nest is a gift from the heavens and if you’re looking for a place that will blow you away, look no further. If you’d like to find another option, best of luck to you and know the best option other than Robbins Nest would be the second best infant day care in the world. Thank you Keri and Sean, you’re wonderful human beings.

Shana C.

Robbins Nest Nursery

Aug. 2022- Nov 2023

Robbins Nest treated my son like family. He joined them at 6 weeks old and stayed almost until 18 months. Keri and Shawn were amazing! Very kind, flexible, easy-going and in tune with his needs. Whatever challenge my son had going on Keri went above and beyond to try and resolve it. She even saved his life when he started having unexpected seizures at 2 months old. She was well trained for this emergency and was very helpful and capable taking care of his needs after discovering he had epilepsy. She was extremely invested in his success and helped with OT, PT, feeding issues and sleep issues he had. He did so well that he was walking at 8 months old! She make special gifts with and for the kids and families. I feel so lucky to have found Robbins Nest for his infant care. I don’t know that anywhere else will compare to the love and attention my son had at Robbins Nest. I recommend highly to anyone looking for infant care.

Michelle C.

Robbins Nest Nursery

Jan. 2021- March 2023

My husband and I were full-time working, first time parents who needed to find a daycare since we didn’t have family living nearby.  The idea of trying to find a trusted daycare seemed so daunting, and we were heartbroken at the idea of leaving our newborn daughter Hope, with a dozen other babies - would she get enough attention and care?  We initially inquired about enrollment in Robbins Nest when I was 4 months pregnant because we were drawn to their low caregiver to infant ratio, but at the time there were no openings.   When our baby was 3 months old, plans were set to join a different home daycare although we didn’t feel great about the situation.  We called Robbins Nest again on the off chance there was space and there was!  Neither of us realized how truly lucky we were until we actually started.


From the moment we met Keri, we felt a sense of warmth and genuineness that immediately put us at ease - she is a literal Mary Poppins.   She has created a wonderful, nurturing environment that feels like a home away from home.  The level of care and attention that Keri and Sean provide is exceptional.  The caregiver to child ratio is the best we've ever seen, ensuring that each child receives the individual attention they need.  Keri and Sean love our daughter like she is family and we feel so grateful to have found someone who cares for her with such tenderness and love.   Keri is so professional, knowledgeable, organized, and truly invested in what she does.  I knew I was going to be missing some baby milestones while working full-time, but I never really felt like I did because Robbins Nest uses the Brightwheel app where updates/photos/videos were sent all day.  Hope has thrived so much over the past 2 years, and we can't help but attribute it to her time at Robbins Nest.  An added bonus of Keri being a certified sleep coach and a talented artist is that Hope learned solid sleep habits almost immediately after joining and came home with the most precious crafts we will keep forever. 


Most importantly, our daughter was so happy at Robbins Nest.  She was excited to be dropped off each day and often didn't want to leave at the end of the day.  It was clear that she felt loved, supported, and cared for by Keri and Sean.  If you're looking for a daycare that provides the highest level of quality care, with caregivers who truly love and care for your child like family, it's Robbins Nest.   Keri and Sean absolutely go above and beyond for each and every child and actively stay connected even after they graduate.  This place was truly a "nest" for our baby to thrive, the hardest part was leaving after graduating.  We are so grateful Hope was able to join the nest and got to experience this level of care for her first couple years.    

Jennifer K.

Robbins Nest Nursery

Feb. 2022- Sept. 2022

I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to enroll our daughter at Robbins Nest Nursery. Keri is a wonderful caregiver and a baby whisperer. Prior to starting our daughter was not much of a napper, but Keri got her to consistently take naps just a few days in. I felt relaxed leaving my daughter with her little crew at Robbins Nest each day - Keri always sent great updates and photos, and took time before and after to chat about the day and listen to (and help with!) any parenting challenges I brought up. The cozy clean atmosphere, delicious meals and snacks, and a plethora of Montessori-type toys for each stage in our daughter's baby/toddlerhood were some of the extra perks. Oh, and the arts and crafts Keri organized ended up being items we treasure and display in our house to this day! Thank you Keri and Robbins Nest!!!

Julia Baxter

Robbins Nest Nursery

June 2021- Aug. 2022

Our little guy went to Robbins Nest Nursery from 8 months to almost 2 years old. We are so grateful that we found such amazing, reliable, loving, nurturing care for our son. With our two older children, we had used center facilities always nervous about reliability and structure (learning/screen time). With Robbins Nest, our worries were unfounded. The program was perfect - growing alongside the children. They started out doing little water play days and graduated to kiddie pool. There was lots of art (stickers, paint, markers, etc), reading, "gymnastics", nature walks, plant watering, free play, and so much individualized attention (snuggles, baby wearing, songs, activities your child enjoyed). Keri helped with the transition from being home with me all the time to being with someone new, she established good sleeping routines, and consistently updated the app she uses with pictures and updates on his day. And last but not least, Keri provides all the things - coming from a center and not having to worry about packing lunches, diapers, wipes is such a luxury. She gives the kids great nutritious meals and snacks. We are so thankful for this wonderful setting for our little ones early years. I 100% recommend Robbins Nest Nursery.

Kelly H.

Robbins Nest Nursery

March 2021- Feb. 2022

We found Keri, and Robbins Nest Nursery, when our daughter E was 5 months old. I had significant post-partum anxiety and was so anxious about leaving her when I went back to work. Keri is seriously the most amazing angel of a human and I am SO thankful we found her to take care of our daughter. Keri clearly loves her job and the love she has for each child is apparent. I really appreciated the small things that Keri did including using baby carriers, holding her, doing arts and crafts, going on daily nature walks, and having thoughtful and enriching activities and play for each stage. Her home is calm, and festive (especially at holidays!), and I felt so safe with E there. Keri helped develop a consistent nap schedule and I was shocked that E was able nap well (finally!). One of the best things that Robbins Nest Nursery had was an app in which Keri uploads pictures and updates all day long. This was so helpful to reduce my anxiety and sadness about leaving my little one, as I got to see her smiling throughout the day and was able to know how she was sleeping and if/when she was eating. Keri became not just our “nanny” but also our friend and continues to be a significant person in our daughter’s life, despite E “graduating” to a pre-school. I could go on and on about all the amazing things Keri does, because her talent and love for infants and young children, as well as us as the parents, meant so much to me, my husband, and my daughter. I cherish all the photos, videos, arts and crafts, and memories that Keri created with my sweet E. I could not recommend anyone better to care for and teach your baby.

Kristina G.

Robbins Nest Nursery

Nov. 2019- May 2021

Robbins Nest Nursery is a one of a kind daycare program focused on the enrichment and development of infants! Some of the things that drew me to Robbins Nest were the high-quality toys, zero screen time, lots of outdoor time, arts & crafts, sensory activities, gross motor skill practice, Montessori-inspired approach, and low provider-to-child ratio. I am beyond lucky to have found Robbins Nest! Keri is the most loving, compassionate, and responsible caregiver. She treats my son as if he were her own, and I know she has his best interest at heart. Keri works with you to ensure your child is getting everything they need, from nap schedules to feeding schedules and everything in between. She also provides you with frequent updates on your child's activities throughout the day! I feel so at ease when my son is in Keri's care, and I trust her implicitly. I wish my son could stay at Robbins Nest forever!

Chelsea W.

Robbins Nest Nursery

Oct. 2019- Nov. 2020

I couldn't imagine trusting anyone else with my child other than Keri. We began with Keri when my son was 3 months and her professionalism as well as her compassion made her an ideal caregiver for us. She was immensely supportive of me as a mother, providing coffee and the occasional baked good at drop off, returning my son home with the occasional craft and lots of daily pictures. I felt confident and comfortable every single day that my son was with Keri that he was in the best of hands and being taken care of physically, socially, and emotionally. Keri also practically sleep trained my son. Prior to going to Keri's, he would only nap while being held or worn. Within 2 weeks with Keri, he was comfortably sleeping on his own, and she showed amazing patience with him throughout the process. After a year and a half of caring for my son, I'm sad that I've moved out of state and can no longer use Keri for any future children I may have. You'll be glad that you chose Keri to take care of your child.

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