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Robbins Nest Nursery

Private in-home daycare exclusively for infants


Welcome to Robbins Nest Nursery

Robbins Nest Nursery is a California state licensed in-home daycare (LIC #376100759) located in Rancho Bernardo. We have the smallest infant-to-provider ratio around and the highest quality of care. We are a unique childcare, only offering care to infants aged newborn to 18 months, and only caring for up to four children at any given time. We do not enroll any child older than 12 months old because we feel it is important to maintain a calm and soothing environment, ideal for developing young infants. At Robbins Nest Nursery, we believe in holistic care that embraces a safe, natural, non-toxic environment. We encourage learning through play, arts and crafts, nature, music, and movement. We take inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach and Montessori philosophies and combine them with a natural, home-style childcare environment. We provide organic meals and include The Honest Company diapers & wipes in your tuition, so you can rest easy knowing your child is being provided with the highest quality supplies while they are here. Keep reading to learn more!

Our Program

Robbins Nest Nursery offers a unique, infants only program. This program was created to focus on helping children mature and develop in a safe, yet stimulating environment. Your child will benefit socially, emotionally, and physically by growing and learning alongside peers of similar age. Our program engages in age appropriate arts & crafts, yoga, singing & dancing, reading, baby sign-language, age-appropriate physical activity and going outside daily. We also engage in baby-wearing and can instruct parents on correct use of carrier devices. We understand that each child is unique so they are not required to adhere to strict schedules. At the time of enrollment, a care plan will be developed around your child and family's needs. This care plan will be updated to reflect the ongoing changes and development in your child. Our program also places high emphasis on healthy sleep and works alongside parents to ensure family sleep goals are achieved. 

Cute Baby Crawling

Infants Only

Caring for infants only ages newborn to 18 months of age allows us to maintain a calm, safe, and age-appropriate environment. Your child will learn and play alongside others their age without the disruption of older children. We maintain small provider to infant ratio to ensure each child is receiving quality care and the attention needed for their developing young mind.

Baby Learning to Walk

Homestyle Daycare

Your child will be in an environment similar to being at home at all times. We will share a living and playing space, a proper dining area, and each child will have their own personal cubby for their time at Robbins Nest Nursery. Our Home environment is warm and welcoming and has an open layout allowing for constant supervision of children.


All Inclusive

We are a full-time program offering care year-round. We include most supplies in your tuition so you can spend less time worrying about replenishing items. Items included are The Honest Company diapers & wipes, whole organic meals and snacks (when age permits), and cows milk or dairy alternatives as needed. We ask you to be responsible for providing breast milk and/or formula.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we receive about our program:

What is the current caregiver-to-child ratio?

At this time, Robbins Nest Nursery enrolls only up to four children at a time. This means your child would be one of four children in our program. Keri is the primary childcare provider, and her husband Sean is our "extra set of hands." We have the smallest ratio available in San Diego; never more than 2:1!

Do you offer part-time care?

Robbins Nest Nursery offers part-time spaces on a case-by-case basis. Generally, spaces at Robbins Nest Nursery are full-time. If you need part-time care, please send us an email.

What hours of care do you provide?

Robbins Nest Nursery is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. If care is needed outside of these hours, please email us with your request. We do our best to be flexible and accommodate working parents' schedules.

What is your monthly tuition?

Tuition reflects our small ratio and current market rates. Our tuition rate includes all daily supplies. Current tuition rates are disclosed on our Interest Form. The link to our Interest Form can be found below. 

What type of educational activities do you do with the infants?

What is your typical daily schedule?

Robbins Nest Nursery believes in educating children through play. All items available for children serve an educational purpose. We create early development experiences daily, so children get the opportunity to learn essential life skills. We subscribe to Lovevery learning boxes, so we have exactly what each child needs for their age and developmental period. Each child will have their own profile created in the CDC's Milsetones Application, ensuring each child is meeting and exceeding their milestones.

Robbins Nest Nursery does not follow a rigid daily schedule. We understand each child is unique and so is each family. We work alongside families to create a flexible routine that aligns with their child's needs. Generally, each child follows a sleep, eat, play routine and will have each child's wake windows in mind when planning our activities. During each child's wake window, we are working on developing skills and meeting milestones.

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