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Our Story

Robbins Nest Child Nursery adheres to a holistic approach of early childhood care and education. We are proud to have one of the highest trained childcare professionals as our primary childcare provider. We love educating and building close relationships with our families and children in care. Once families leave our daycare, they’re fully prepared for the next stage of their lives. Learn more about or staff, home, and program below.

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Our Mission

A safe haven for all

The mission of Robbins Nest Nursery is to create a safe haven for infants and their parent(s)/guardians(s) so returning to work can be a pleasant experience. We want parents to know their child is safe and being well-cared for during their time here. We utilize Brightwheel, a real-time notification app which alerts parents to their child’s activities (diaper changes, feeding, photos of activities, etc.) throughout the day. We want parents to have peace of mind knowing their child is receiving exceptional care from a qualified professional in a safe place. Our primary emphasis is to keep children safe and protected from harm while providing them with as much love and nurturing as possible in an inclusive environment. Our home and daycare welcomes all different types of family structures from all different backgrounds including LGBTQ+ families. Everyone is safe here.

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Our Family

Robbins Nest Child Care Services is honored to have one of the most exceptional teams in the industry. We have both gone through comprehensive training, ensuring we are competent in early childhood care and education.

Our Safety Standards

Safety is of upmost importance in this home and daycare. Robbins Nest Nursery provides children with a learning environment that’s safe, welcoming, and fun. We do regular equipment checks, utilize security cameras, and perform regular emergency drills. Home and daycare access is restricted, so only authorized individuals with identification may enter our secure doors. Our home is equipped with proper security locks on all doors and windows leading into the home. We take safety very seriously here and no one is allowed to enter the home without proper identification and prior authorization. Our home has been modified to ensure the safety of little ones on the move. Items used in our daycare meet ASTM and JPMA safety standards and are monitored for future recalls.

Our License

License # 376100759

Robbins Nest Nursery is licensed by the state of California to care for up to four infants under age two years old. Our license is current and in good standing with zero citations. A full report of our licensing status can be found on the California Child Care Licensing Department website.

Did you know you can search any licensed provider's currently licensing status and citations? All you need is their license number. This is public information and can be a very helpful tool when deciding which childcare provider or facility is safe to send your child to.

We invite you to search our license, as well as any other daycare programs you may be considering. Simply click the link to the CCLD Facility Search page, enter the license number, and review all reports and citations.

Our Qualifications

The person caring for your infant should have proper training, experience and expertise. Click to learn more about why Robbins Nest Nursery is setting the standard for quality infant care in San Diego.

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